Andrew F. Hart
Software Entrepreneur

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I'm Andrew F. Hart, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, software engineer, photographer, and travel fanatic living and working in Los Angeles, California.

Hello, I’m Andrew.

I like to build things using software.

I draw on my experience working in a wide variety of environments, from university research lab, to early start-up, to NASA research lab. Each has provided me a unique perspective on the art and science of software development.

Presently, I am the CTO of Pogoseat, Inc., where we're developing tools to help fans get the best possible experience at live events. On any given day I might be managing our engineering team, digging through data to find ways to optimize the performance of our mobile app and REST APIs, or working to refine the product roadmap to make sure we can continue to scale.

When I’m not in front of a keyboard, I’m usually out taking photographs. Travel and photography are two longstanding passions of mine that go well together, and I’ve taken every opportunity to get out and see the world, always with my camera, of course.


My background, skills, interests, and what I'm working on now.


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