Current Projects

I am the Platform Director for SeatGeek Open, a revolutionary primary ticketing system system being developed by secondary market ticketing powerhouse SeatGeek. I view this as a phenomenal chance to lead an innovative company's push into the wild world of primary market ticketing, and to build not just another ticketing system, but a new kind of platform for open distribution of tickets between rightsholders (teams, promoters, etc.) and distribution partners like startups, exchanges, and brokers looking to do innovative things with tickets. Everything we're doing with SeatGeek Open is with the goal of providing greater, more fluid access to tickets and generating more opportunities to engage with fans looking to attend live events.

This role allows me to bring my experience at Pogoseat (more below), working with each of the major U.S. primary ticketing systems for the past two years, and my experience building large scale data management systems for NASA (more even further below) to help ensure that this effort has a strong technical foundation and a bright future. I'm excited to be able to build a product that desperately needs to exist (the general fan opinion of the current market leader's offerings (ahem, Ticketmaster) is less than stellar), and to work with some of the brightest and most talented engineers I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

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Past Projects

I served as CTO of Pogoseat, Inc., a venture-backed startup based in Venice Beach, CA from 2014-2016. Pogoseat developed tools to help fans get the best possible experience at live events. From a technical perspective, this involved maintaining real-time integration with all of the major U.S. ticketing system APIs, handling synchronization of inventory with each team's box office, and implementation of algorithmic pricing models to maximize value to both the fan and the team. Despite being the underdog in our market, the platform Pogoseat built for seat and VIP upgrades was widely acclaimed. However, I'm most thankful for the opportunity to build and lead a team of talented, motivated engineers who were each passionate about employing technology to improve the fan experience at live events.


From 2007-2014 I worked as a software engineer in the Data Management Systems and Technologies group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In that capacity I had the unique opportunity to participate in the research, design, and development of large-scale data systems to support a broad spectrum of scientific research:


Collection and analysis of remote sensing and in-situ climate observations to improve understanding of the impacts of dust and pollutants on snow and provide valuable water resource planning data.


Comprehensive informatics infrastructure to support knowledge sharing across a nationwide cancer biomarker research network.


Metadata pipeline and collaborative online environment for the review and evaluation of automatically flagged fast transient radio events from Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) data.


Improved access to NASA's repositories of remote sensing climate observations, and developed tools for model-to-observational data comparison for the regional climate modeling community.

Personal Projects:

CV Meter

Motivated by desire to better understand how my resume was being consumed by the Internet at large, CVMeter was implemented as a service to provide real-time notification of "hits" on a resume or CV. User's provide a CV, CVMeter provides analytics in real time.


(2008-2011) Having just moved to the heart of downtown Los Angeles in 2007, I was looking for neighbors in a sea of faces. Cositu was dreamed up and built with my brother to help create online communities between people who live together.


(2007-2010) Back in the days when LAMP stack Model, View, Controller frameworks were the one true way to build web applications, I tried my hand at developing one from scratch, and learned a lot about PHP 5, software reuse, and the challenge of balancing generality and utility.